Sunday, June 5, 2011

It SUCKS!!!!!!

Rihanna's hair is mad cuteee!!! I know -____- ; so why today did i want to you know be spontaneous and dye my hair this color and these idiot hair dressers said no -.- ; i swear all i want is to try something new i have nothing to look forward too whether you know a date fun nothing ; my friends are boring they dont try anything new if i was to describe myself it would be free spirited im up for anything.... so why am i mad? well thats easy no boy likes me well correction no CUTE BOY !! Summer is about to begin and its back to the summers i had braids NO BOY LONELY SUMMEr ; i mean sure it sounds stupid how could this girl be sitting here complaining that
1. She cant dye her hair
2. No cuties like her
3. All she does is work and come home
4. Shop once every two weeks

Sure that all sounds NOT that bad but as i said before im Free Spirited; impulsive and RIGHT about now my life is so BORINGGGGGGGG

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